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Comedy Night:
How to Survive
Dutch / German
Work Culture

Cultural differences between Germany and the Netherlands: a well-filled PowerPoint on this topic has been a must at every cross-border networking event for years. 🥱

And here comes the good news:
it also can be done in a funny way! 🤩

We created a Comedy Show for internationals, Expats, everyone working abroad, but also for staff and managers from companies that work with internationals.

Our show: On a divan and better than psychotherapy!

Laugh together and improve teamwork

Ever tried to explain foreigners how things in your country are getting done in a serious and nice way? Be sure, that your international staff sometimes thought: “Dutch / German people are strange people.” And do you know what: they are right!

If you show the internationals in your company that you’ve recognised this, then you already score the first time. Have a good time laughing together, go back to work and experience the difference in teamwork!

With us you’ll be lucky!

Best result: Legendary German humour + Dutch wit and charm

Letting Germans do the funny parts is always the best choice! Over the whole world Germans are known for their perfect sense of humour. There is only one thing, you could possibly do, to make the result even better: let a Dutch join the comedy-team! And guess what: this is exactly what we did!

Heiko Link (more money) and Johan van Wensen (less money) will make your team the winning team, by helping you to bridge cultural differences with humour!

Sold out in less than a fortnight!

We loved to get in touch with the audience after our comedy show

The premiere of our show took place in the Vestzaktheater Enschede in collaboration with Saxion University and the World Trade Center (WTC) Hengelo and was sold out after just one and a half weeks.

We offer comedy shows lasting from 1 up to 2 hours in the English 🇬🇧 and Dutch 🇳🇱 language. (On special request we also offer a German version for audiences, where everyone speaks fluent English.) Our show is a mixture of predetermined content adapted to the situation in your company/organisation and improvisation according to the audience’s instructions.

Loved by the audience:
Kitty the Cat!

She is soooo cute! Not only on YouTube!

Kitty shows the actors how a real superstar does it and makes fun of a German-Dutch duo trying to do a great performance on stage. That’s why the audience loves her!

Human culture? She can only laugh about it!
And she nows: cuteness is what really counts!

Our Actors

Johan & Heiko: a dreamteam like Ruud Gullit & Rudi Völler

East and West join forces to explain the cultural differences of this world in a humorous way.

Johan van Wensen

Johan van Wensen comes from Rotterdam and is known to be the most direct person in the Netherlands. He plays classical theatre, works as a seminar actor and is an Excel-genius. A (cultural-) pattern that he does not recognize is a (cultural-) pattern that does’t exist!

Heiko Link

Heiko Link comes from East Westphalia, Germany’s centre for humour. He’s the improv actor in this team and also working as a provocative coach, who is healing people with mental health problems (from which you have an awful lot in Germany) through the use of humour.

Get In Touch with Us

Dutch contact:
Johan van Wensen

Gerard Doustraat 2
7574 VW Oldenzaal

Mobiel: +31 6 53 51 56 78‬

eMail: acteren@wensware.nl

German contact:
Heiko Link

Königsberger Straße 79
32120 Hiddenhausen

Mobiel D: +49 17 05 40 23 28
Mobiel NL: +31 6 30 90 87 97‬


You want to see us on stage? Good decision!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, so that we can perform a tailor-made show for you, your company or your organisation live on stage.